Five Essential Safety Products For Your Recovery At Home

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If you're receiving home health care after an illness or injury that has impaired your mobility, your personal safety should be a top priority. Fortunately, there are products that can help you remain safe during your recovery period and beyond. To complement your home health care and ensure your safety, consider investing in the following products:

1. Reclining Lift Chair

If you need assistance sitting or standing from your chair, this specialized furniture can help. It's very useful for those recuperating from a debilitating injury or illness, or simply as an aid for arthritis patients. Basically, a lift chair is a recliner with a motorized feature that actually "lifts" the chair from the base to an upright position. This feature will help you rise from the chair with minimal effort, thus keeping you safe as you do.

Not all lift chairs are alike, however. Depending upon your needs and personal preference, you may prefer a two, three or infinite position lift chair. The two and three position chairs are ideal for reading and watching TV. The infinite position will actually recline all the way to a flat position, making it suitable for napping or relaxing.

For your safety, choose a lift chair with an interlocking frame. This reinforcement will provide strength. The chair's leg levers should be constructed of stainless steel for durability and long wear. You might want to check the weight capacity as well.

2. Toilet Seat Riser

Much like the concept of a lift chair, the toilet seat riser will assist you as you sit or stand from the toilet. Generally, the riser adds about four inches in height to the toilet seat. Most have a hook and loop attachment.

Choose a toilet seat riser that offers a cushioned feel with a padded seat. This may help relieve pressure points, a helpful feature if you're recovering from a joint-related injury or arthritis. It should have an easy to clean and disinfect vinyl upholstery.

3. Shower and Bathtub Bench

As part of your home health care, bathroom safety is a must. Did you know the bathroom is considered the most dangerous room in the house? Since you are recovering from an illness or injury, you may be more vulnerable to a dangerous fall. If you are having difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub or shower, a bathtub and shower bench may help.

Do you need extra back support as well? Look for a bathtub bench that is ergonomically designed with a special curve and backrest. The chair should have drainage holes in the seat, as this will provide protection from slipping and sliding. Suction tips on the bottom of the legs provide extra stability in the tub.

4. A Shower and Bathtub Grab Bar

Another safety essential for your at home health care, the shower grab bar may be installed with fasteners or suction cups. For maximum stability, choose a stainless steel grab bar with mounting hardware. A textured grip is helpful, too. In addition to installing a grab bar in the tub, consider adding one near the toilet.

5. Safety Bed Handles

As you recover at home, don't overlook safety in the bedroom. You may find that bed handles can provide extra safety and prevent you from falling out of bed. These aids not only assist you when rising from the bed, they also provide support when rolling over. Choose sturdy aluminum constructed bed rails. If you use a hospital bed for home health care, be sure the rails are designed to fit.

These are just a few of the products you should consider for your recovery at home. Although your home health care provider is there to assist you in your recovery, these personal safety products and devices can provide you with the extra protection you need now and in the future.