Home Care Aid Options For Elderly Incontinence Issues

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If you are providing home health care assistance for your elderly parent, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many options available on the market today to help with incontinence issues. Since incontinence problems are embarrassing for your parent and cleaning up accidents is less than ideal for you, using the right incontinence aids can greatly improve this aspect of your home care regime. To make everyone's life easier and to keep your elderly parent comfortable, consider using an appropriate selection of these readily-available and inexpensive incontinence products:

Incontinence Underwear Guards

If your parent has a minor issue with urine leakage but is still able to get to the bathroom, then incontinence underwear guards will work very well to protect their clothing and underwear from leaked urine. These guards look and function similarly to women's menstrual pads. The underwear guards have an adhesive strip that is used to attach the pads to your parent's regular underwear.

Disposable Incontinence Underwear

If your parent is unable to get to the bathroom and often has issues with wet or soiled underwear, then disposable incontinence underwear or pull-ups are the best solutions. Similar to children's diapers and pull-ups, these products are able to contain a full bowel movement or urination without leaking. For those who are bed-bound, there are options for diaper-style underwear that has side closures to make them easier to put on and remove.

Fabric Bed Incontinence Underpads

If your parent often gets up in the morning and the bed's sheets have urine soaked into them, then some fabric incontinence underpads are the answer. These large, quilted fabric pads are made from many different layers of soft cotton fabric with a layer of plastic sewed into the middle. The plastic layer keeps the urine from soaking into the other bedding, while the soft cotton layers make these type of underpads very comfortable to sleep on. The pads are thin enough that your parent will likely not even feel that they are on the bed.

Waterproof Mattress Covers

Finally, just as you can purchase a waterproof mattress cover for your young child's bed, so too can you purchase waterproof mattress covers for an adult-sized bed. The waterproof cover will prevent urine from leaking into the bed's mattress and helps to control odors in the bedroom. You should purchase more than one mattress cover so that your parent will always have one to use while the others are being laundered.